Thursday, October 28, 2010

My next planned project

Janet Arnold morning dress c 1798-1805
I absolutely love the Regency style dresses and somehow have yet to make one. So while procrastinating on packing and cleaning my room and in between my cat freaking out when the vacuum cleaner is turned on I flipped through one of my Janet Arnold Patterns of Fashion books and decided that the next project I have time to make for myself is going to be the dress pictured above. 

The description says that
A morning dress in white cotton with a small, regular, geometric pattern printed in dark purple...A fine lawn or cambric chemisette or habit shirt, with a frill at the neck, could have been worn under the dress to fill in the neckline. The long sleeves could be removed and the dress worn with short sleeves only
As cute as it would be with the dark purple print I'm not insistent on having an exact replica. I also want something light colored so I am leaning towards either a light blue with white dot cotton voile 

Or a white/cream pin dot voile

I'm leaning more towards the white/cream at the moment, but knowing me I'll change my mind in, oh say, ten or fifteen minutes. Why I'm more for the white/cream right now is because the smaller dots have a more dainty feel to them I think. I could always order a swatch of each while I work on scaling up the pattern and mocking it up. Though this all has to wait until after I have finished my room and probably until I have finished moving.

Or I could always hunt down some pretty white sheer-ish window curtains to use. I know I have seen some around that had a white on white pattern, unless I am thinking of my aunt and uncles' curtains...they don't need them right?

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  1. I like the blue! But the cream is lovely too. I can't wait to see how you accomplish moving, making a dress, the novel thingie AND everything else you've got going on. I am jealous of all your energy. It's only 7:00 on a Monday, I have a bajillion things to do, and I am sitting on my couch in gnome P.J.'s reading about all your projects! Make it good. lol