Friday, November 5, 2010

Regency dress

Before going to bed the other night I decided to spend an hour starting to scale up the pattern. Now I haven't ever had problems with scaling and even did a scale project about two months ago helping my old high school grid up a pattern for one of their sets (and go figure didn't take a picture). Easy as pie right? Somehow the concept of scaling eluded me at 10 pm. So to solve my dilemma I google how to scale up something. And the proceeded to feel like an idiot. To make it worse I kept blanking so I had to keep going back to the net, but I eventually got three pieces scaled up, one being a rectangle.

Bodice pieces

Under sleeve
Tuesday I managed to scale up both sleeve sections and all the little edgings and such. It took me 30 minutes combined to do all four pieces. Because the skirt pieces are so huge I decided that I'm not going to create a paper pattern for them or the bib front, but I did figure out all the measurements so I'm pretty much good to go and start on my mock up. Right now it looks like it is going to fit with just some minor adjustments. And just because the back piece makes me giggle.

Center back is 4 1/4 inches!

I'm also hoping to be able to make regency style stays and am trying to decide between long stays or short stays. I'm leaning more towards the long stays because I like the look of them, but short stays might be more comfortable. Meh. Maybe I'll just make one of each and that will solve my problem of deciding which one.

I'm also still in the process of cleaning and packing (ugh) and Tangie keeps trying to help. So here is her helping (getting massively in the way while I'm about to drop my record player)

And after the visit to the vet the other day, we decided to have them surgically remove the cyst and it's lining. So fingers crossed that it doesn't come back after that. Sadly, it looks like I'm moving before it happens.

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