Friday, December 3, 2010

Regency dress update

So I finally got my sewing machine out of my car this morning and whipped up a muslin of the dress bodice. It seems to fit pretty well, just a little snug, but that was a stitching error on my part. For some reason when I traced the pattern on the muslin I gave it a half inch seam allowance,  but then stitched at my regular five-eights so I lost half an inch. Oops. I also left the seam allowance in the armscye which makes it a tiny bit tight. And I need to find my iron...Anywho, the pictures show it both on me and off, enjoy!

It's a bit odd looking on the left because the straight pin caught up on my shirt, but it lays fine. 

Oh yeah, sorry about the dirty mirror, I really need to wipe the dust off.

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