Monday, March 7, 2011

My Bucket List

- Swim with dolphins
- Learn to surf
- Learn another language and be somewhat fluent in it
- Meet my birth mother
- Meet my birth father
- Meet my sisters (1 of 2)
-Go to Israel
- Make pickles
-Make vanilla extract
-Make and can jelly/jam/something
- Learn to write legibly with my left hand
- Sell some crafts that I've made 
- Learn to spin

And the list goes on. Really, it does, these are just a few items on the list. Because nothing makes you feel more accomplished than crossing something off a list. Or maybe that is just me.


  1. i don't really have a bucket list, but i do have things i'd like to do. maybe i should make an actual list. i do love lists, lol! so glad you are accomplishing those great goals! and love how random some are-write with your left hand? lol.

  2. I admire you for making one. Seems like you have done some of the more difficult things on the list first. That's amazing.
    I found you on Mommy Reviews blog hop.
    Stop by and say hello.