Friday, October 7, 2011

101 in 1001

I saw this idea on Anita's blog Sew, Vintage, So Fun! and though it was a wonderful idea.

Start Date: October 7, 2011
End Date: July 3, 2014

001.  Grow a plant from a seed
002.  Sew a quilt 
003.  Grow my own herbs
004.  Go a week without chocolate
005.  Ask 5 friends to suggest a book and read all of them
006.  Try 20 new recipes
007.  Cook a three course meal
008.  Watch all 6 Star Wars films in one day
009.  Make croissants from scratch
010.  Take a trip on a train
011.  Leave a note inside a book for someone to find
012.  Make a birthday cake for someone
013.  Hold a koala
014.  Go sky diving
015.  Go to a pilates class
016.  Complete a coloring book
017.  Complete the 200 sit ups challenge
018.  Buy the perfect little black dress
019.  Complete a 1000 piece jigsaw puzzle
020.  Try surfing
021.  Get another stamp on my passport
022.  Rekindle an old friendship
023.  Learn another language
024.  Knit myself a scarf
025.  Make pasta from scratch
026.  Ride in a hot-air balloon
027.  Grow my hair to my hips
028.  Make a recipe book from my favorite recipes
029.  Buy a nice pair of sunglasses
030.  Eat at five new resturaunts
031.  Complete the 3-Day for the Cure
032.  Make a list of 25 things I like about myself
033.  Work out six days a week for a month
034.  Start an art journal and work on it every day for a month
035.  Make a 50's style dress
036.  Make a circle skirt
037.  Make a crinoline for under the circle skirt
038.  Reach my target weight
039.  Ride a ferris wheel
040.  Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years
041.  Make 3 reusable grocery bags
042.  Make 8 reusable produce bags
043.  Make fabric napkins
044.  Work up to being able to do center work in ballet en pointe
045.  Put change in someone's expired parking meter
046.  Bake a giant cookie
047.  Decorate some cookies
048.  Read 50 new books
049.  Spin bamboo
050.  Spin cotton
051.  Go on a cruise
052.  Go to Disney World
053.  Meet my birthfather
054.  Go on a road trip
055.  Renew my first aid certificate
056.  Complete a 2000 piece puzzle
057.  Complete a 5000+ piece puzzle
058.  Go paintballing
059.  See every Disney movie
060.  Be able to do the splits
061.  Swim with dolphins
062.  Read 'The Hobbit'
063.  Read the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy
064.  Read 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy'
065.  Read 'The Long Dying of Baby Andrew'
066.  Watch 'The Godfather'
067.  Make my own beer/wine
068.  Can jam/jelly/fruit/something
069.  Learn how to juggle 3 balls for 5 minutes
070.  Avoid fast food for a month
071.  Fold 1000 paper cranes
072.  Wear clothing I've made everyday for a week
073.  Bake a rainbow cake
074.  Bake a 10+ layer cake
075.  Update my blog at least 2 times a week
076.  Watch a sunrise and sunset in one day
077.  Go see a movie by myself
078.  Go on a date
079.  Send a postcard to post secret
080.  Spend an entire rainy day watching movies in my pj's
081.  Spend an entire rainy day reading in my pj's
082.  Teach myself to write with my left hand
083.  Swim in the ocean
084.  Bake a souffle
085.  Save $5 for every item on the list I complete
086.  Create a 101 in 1001 list to start after I finish this 1001 days
087.  Buy a 'Wreck This Journal' and finish it
088.  Picnic in a park
089.  Take a cooking class
090.  Buy a cake pan
091.  Watch 26 movies I've never seen starting with the letter of the alphabet
092.  Make a list of my 50 favorite books
093.  Make a list of my 50 favorite movies
094.  Wear my hair in a different style every day for two weeks
095.  Improve my posture
096.  Create a budget and stick to it
097.  Start a sentence a day journal
098.  Kiss someone at midnight on New Year's Eve
099.  Make a corset
100.  Finish my regency dress
101.  Donate all items that I no longer need or use

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