Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Because every few years...

It actually gets cold where I live in Texas. And once in a long while it snows too!

See! I think this was two years ago...

Last year I received some beautiful red bulky yarn which kept wanting to be a cowl. But living in Texas I didn't think I'd really have use for one so I kept trying to use the yarn for other projects and it just never worked. So about a week ago I finally decided to make the cowl it wanted to be and just made up the pattern while watching Once Upon A Time on Netflix. And I present to you: My Little Red Cowl!

I'll have to get a photo of someone wearing it when the cowl won't give them heat stroke. 

Thursday, September 5, 2013


Having two days off back to back is not something I often get working a retail job, but Labor Day made me realize just how much I can do when I have free time. Not only did Tangie get a new catnip toy
I moved the toy and someone wasn't happy about that

But I now have a wonderful felted pair of slippers that will venture up to Kansas with me in a month! It was a super easy pattern I found on Ravelry calledFelted Crochet Slippers (you do have to be a member to view the pattern). The only this I haven't done yet is put puff paint on the bottom to make them less slippery, but I'm not sure I will. Adding a vintage blue button from my collection finished them off nicely.