Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Spin In Progress

A while back I showed you the fiber I had started spinning at Yarn School and where it was at

Now, three months later, I have finished spinning the singles! I've been looking for some metallic thread so that I could ply the two together, but I couldn't fins a thread that was the right color or the right weight so I'm going to chain ply it all. But not for a while because it will be one massive ply session. 

Monday, January 12, 2015

Spinning Violet

This is only about 20 ounces of fiber-there is more!
Over two Yarn School visits I have acquired 1.5 pounds of a beautiful fleece from a BFL/ merino cross sheep named Violet. It has already been washed, but had not been processed in any other way and it is time to spin it up. It is also the largest single amount of any one fiber that I have. After trying a few different ways to prep it for spinning, I've decided that rolags are the way to go. And I've started spinning.

First of three plies
I love that the fiber is spinning up slightly textured and know that it will mostly even out with the plying. When all is said and done, the finished yarn will be a true three ply and not my regular chain ply.

Monday, January 5, 2015

Spin the Bin 2015 Challenge

One of the groups I'm a part of on Ravelry is the Completely Twisted and Arbitrary Spinners (CTA Spinners) and last year there was a spin the bin challenge that was a big hit. I didn't find that challenge until about half way through the year and at a time when my spinning mojo had gone on vacation so I didn't join. I could have joined at any point, but then I honestly forgot. Luckily they are starting up the challenge for this year and I'm in!

A quick summary of the rules before I show you my bin- you start your bin with a minimum of 12 fibers weighing 2 ounces or more each; you can add to the bin, but not take away unless you replace it with two items; you have to declare your bin with specifics and then when finished declare with photos (so before and after). One great thing is that if you have a large amount of one fiber (1.5 pounds of Violet's fleece), you can split it into a few entries. The 2015 challenge starts December 24, 2014 and goes until December 31, 2015. You can also decided if you want to be part of the use it or lose it group which means if it isn't spun at the ear of the year you are donating it to the prize pool. I probably should join the use it or lose it, but I'm undecided at the moment.

So my list!

1. CHF- mixed BFL- Firelight- 5.25oz
2. SE- Romney- Lightening Strike- 4oz
3. SE- Corriedale- Acorns- 4oz
4. Julie Spins,- Targhee- Apple Impression- 5.4oz (18.65)
5. TIBH- MCN- Prim- 4oz
6. TIBH- Batt 252- 2.3oz
7. Loop- merino/nylon/angelina- Galaxy- 5oz+
8. HY- BFL/silk- Outburst- 4oz
9. HY- Corriedale- Pressing Reasons- 4oz
10. Violet BFL/merino fleece, 8 ounces
11. Violet BFL/merino cross fleece- 8 ounces
12. Violet BFL/merino cross fleece- 8 ounces

So far the total is 61.95 ounces (over 3.5 pounds!), but I can always add to my bin if I want to. Though to try keeping my spinning options open over the year, I most likely will not add to the list. And also over 3 pounds is more than I normally spin in a year. Let's see how far I get!

At some point I need to take photos of all the fiber laid out and make a collage so you can see the nine braids and batts I've chosen.