Monday, October 29, 2012

Fiber Explosion!

A few fiber goodies are missing from the photo
So last post I showed you a picture of the new fiber bookcase and I thought I'd show you some close ups and also what I dyed. Above is the goodie bag we got on the first night, some dyed fiber, some natural fiber, a dye packet and a few other little goodies. Since I got to stay for the dye lab I ended up with three pounds of fiber.

The first four were from dye lab during yarn school. The green was super wash and was an experiment with crock pot dyeing and using three different colors of green. The other three were hand painted which got a little messy. The pink/purple/turquoise one at the top is actually more muted than it appears in the photos. For the dye lab extension I repeated the greens in the crock pot and did another pink/purple/turquoise because I really wanted it to be neon. And I got my neons!

It is a little bit brighter than the photo shows

Jennifer was one of the wonderful helpers at Yarn School and she brought some of the wool from her own sheep. The little ball of fluff on top is a bit that someone carded up and gave me before I caved and bought some. Now I just need some hand cards! As a door prize I also got some of Jennifer's roving from the black sheep (Daisy). The rest are just a few more photos of what I brought home, but even that isn't all of it.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Yarn School Part 2 + Dye Lab

Saturday morning at yarn school allowed us to split into beginning spinners and intermediate/advanced spinners. I decided to go with the beginners since I'm completely self taught and wanted to get back to the basics. Now, I knew most of it, but it also allowed me to try out different wheels. One of the other ladies was amazingly generous and brought a wheel for me to use for the weekend with also allowed me to get the bring your own wheel bonus fiber, but I still like trying the others. After that we could merge back into the large circle or continue playing with drum carders or drop spindles. Or ever just sit, knit and talk if we wanted.
Winding a ton of silk thread off of my drop spindle with the help of my new friend Cindy. Yes it did take two of us.

Beth's yarn on her the wheel she just bought!

Being silly with batts
We also had two guests come out Sheri with her adorable angora bunnies and Laura from Laura's Pygoras. Sadly, due to the rainy weather Laura couldn't bring her pygoras to visit, but she brought a lot of her fiber and goodies for us to fondle and purchase if we wanted. And if you ever have a chance to feel or spin with pygora, please do. It is soooo super soft.
Sheri and the angoras

Sunday was the last day for those just doing yarn school and I took some shots of the circle since I had neglected to earlier in the weekend. We also had demonstrations of spinning art yarn which was loads of laughs. Jennifer and I also figured out the easy way of adding large inclusions to a spun single, but only after we tried to most roundabout way. And she generously gave me a little red plastic frog to spin into a single because I want to make a frog hat soon.
Art yarn!

It was around noon-ish when most people left leaving the eleven (or was it twelve) of us who were remaining for the extra dye lab with we started at 2. 

More dye lab!
Yarn cooling on the rack 
The end of a wonderful weekend!
And the results of dye lab, yarn school, purchases and trades was a super stuffed suite case on the way home which turned the empty bookcase in to...

Well, I was hoping to keep this to two posts, but I'll have to share the fiber goodies in another post because there will be lots of photos and descriptions. See you on Monday!

Friday, October 19, 2012

Yarn School Part 1

My side of the seven dwarves 7th grade room while Lulu and I packed up on Sunday night
I'm back from Harveyville, Kansas where I spent a wonderfully long weekend with a group of amazing women enjoying Yarn School. It was the most fun I've had in a long time and here is the proof. We arrived on Thursday evening and a spinning circle had already been started in the gym. Meeting everyone was really neat as we were from all over the US. Friday we were split into two groups for dye lab and fiber prep. Lunch was at an alpaca ranch! 

We got lockers that held out fiber to be dyed

My group started out in the dye lab and we got wonderful instructions from Adrian of Hello Yarn. There was some crock pot dyeing, some hand painting and some people even played around with dyeing the fiber in mason jars. We had 8 ounces each of super wash, merino, shetland and a 100% wool blend to dye for a grand total of two pounds to dye. Some ladies even brought some of their own fiber and yarn to dye.

My little crock pot steaming away
Just look at the cute face!
Guard dog puppies

I didn't get any photos of the fiber prep that we did, but we got to work with drum carders, viking combs, and hand cards. Though we also got distracted by the helpers hanging out the rinsed fiber we had dyed that morning.
Can't remember if this is from Friday night or Saturday morning with all of our fiber hung up

And that is the conclusion of Yarn School part 1! The rest will be up tomorrow with the additional dye lab extension photos as well!