Monday, October 29, 2012

Fiber Explosion!

A few fiber goodies are missing from the photo
So last post I showed you a picture of the new fiber bookcase and I thought I'd show you some close ups and also what I dyed. Above is the goodie bag we got on the first night, some dyed fiber, some natural fiber, a dye packet and a few other little goodies. Since I got to stay for the dye lab I ended up with three pounds of fiber.

The first four were from dye lab during yarn school. The green was super wash and was an experiment with crock pot dyeing and using three different colors of green. The other three were hand painted which got a little messy. The pink/purple/turquoise one at the top is actually more muted than it appears in the photos. For the dye lab extension I repeated the greens in the crock pot and did another pink/purple/turquoise because I really wanted it to be neon. And I got my neons!

It is a little bit brighter than the photo shows

Jennifer was one of the wonderful helpers at Yarn School and she brought some of the wool from her own sheep. The little ball of fluff on top is a bit that someone carded up and gave me before I caved and bought some. Now I just need some hand cards! As a door prize I also got some of Jennifer's roving from the black sheep (Daisy). The rest are just a few more photos of what I brought home, but even that isn't all of it.

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  1. Look at that haul! Can't wait to join you next time!!