Sunday, May 27, 2012

Gifts to ME!!!

Picture from Caliope's Fibre

I've been really good recently with my budgeting and with saving up for my hopeful vacation in October. I say hopeful because I still have to snag a spot when registration opens. You will know more if I get to go...But a while back I was really wanting to spin a batt. Now, this isn't something I have ever done before and there is no local place for me to get one. So I decided to splurge a little. Enter Etsy. I found some beautiful batts even one including crab fiber!
Picture from Caliope's Fibre. The white is crab fiber!!!!
But I wasn't sure I could justify it, until two days later a coupon for Tour de Fleece goes up. It was meant to be and now I have somewhere close to 10 oz headed my way from Caliope's Fibre. I have two of each of these beauties headed my way and I can't wait! See I told you this was gifts to me. I also got myself a May Beach Bum sample box from Sampler Village. I mean I'm half way to my vacation savings goal so I needed a little something for me. I promise there will be tons more pictures when both arrive!

Have a wonderful Memorial Day!

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