Monday, November 3, 2014

Spinning default

It seems that whenever I sit down and just spin without having a set plan for what I want the finished yarn to be I end up spinning somewhere in the 80+ wraps per inch range for my singles. And the spin I started at yarn school is no exception. This was started on Thursday evening when we arrived and I still had about an ounce left when it was time to pack up and that isn't because I wasn't spinning at all.

I've gotten a bit further than the photo shows, but darn it all, I still have about half an ounce left out of the first four ounces and I'm blissfully ignoring the second four ounces at the moment. Originally I was thinking about spinning the other 4 ounces and making this a two ply, but the colors will end up being completely barber polled so the new plan is to thread ply this with a gold thread. 

As long as this is taking I'm glad the fiber is as wonderful as it is. It is the Effie color way from Two If By Hand on organic merino. I've got some more of their fibers waiting to be spun- Prim on MCN and about half a braid of Maritime left. Oh, and a batt or two.

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