Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Buttons and a minor road bump in a project

The owl punch needle finished picture from JoAnn's.

So this past weekend when I went out of town I grabbed my punch needle owl piece with me to work on in the car since there were going to be eight hours spent on my bum in the backseat. Well everything was going well until I went into the box where everything was and found a nicely mangled color chart curtsey of my cat. Sufficient to say I was rather annoyed and am now trying to match the colors via the internet which isn't hard, but I couldn't do over the weekend. Luckily, I brought a few books so I got some reading and napping in during the trip.

A size comparison of the main button box with the 15" laptop sitting on top.
So instead you get pictures of my ever growing button collection. The vast majority of it is from an amazing find by my cousin. About 4 pounds of vintage buttons for $5 at an estate sale and she got it all for me! How lucky was that?

Some cute buttons still on the card. The little beige ones on the right are tiny crocheted buttons maybe 1/4" across.

Most of my buttons live in this box unless they are for a specific project and with the fabric or are newer and still on a card, then they get taped to the side of my book case above my desk. When ever I get my desk/craft area and the rest of my room cleaned up I'll try to post pictures of it. There are also a few mason jars full of more buttons floating around my room.

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