Wednesday, September 1, 2010

It only took 5 months

No matter how many times I've seem it, it never fails to get me that schools can be exceedingly cheep about somethings. Like renovations of old dorms, fixing leaks in other buildings, getting next equipment when the very old things break. But doing something for the sports teams? No problem. You need another locker room? Ok. You need another weight room on top of the three that are sports teams only? Here you go! Anywho, this leads me to the point of this post. I finally got my ceramics class pieces back from last year. All four of the kilns died which isn't all that surprising because they are something like 15+ years old, but the school just won't pay for new ones instead they spent time looking for replacement parts to try to fix them. They died in February and they just got the part at the end of July and were able to fire our pieces. So day trip up to college to pick them up and here they are!

For this project we had to hand build a teapot and two tea cups and they had to have a theme and when you tell me this during tech week of a show the results are going to be interesting. So here you have the theme of a sea creature taking down a submarine. It has three little portholes (the white rimmed circle in the middle) and it did have a propeller, but that got taken over by the tentacles on the left. The top with it's little dome suffered an accident so I think I'm going to have to make another one. I wasn't able to get the best shot of the set (stupid overcast sky) but so you can get the idea this will (hopefully) do. The glaze on the two little cups came out very different than the teapot due to the firing process because of their location in the kiln. The tea pot glazed more place with the green showing through and had some tan/brown/white accents and turned out very shiny while the cups showed more green and had more of a matte finish. But I like them anyway.

And the first two things I ever made on the potter's wheel.
There were a few other little projects that we did throughout the semester, but they didn't survive. I have perfected the art of dropping things but they were very wonky anyways so it's probably for the best.

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