Saturday, August 10, 2013

It's arrived!

With cat for scale
I got a box! A very super exciting box in the mail today! But what is in the box you might be asking? This:
See the little pile of fluff on the side? It is now yarn!
Sadly the pictures don't do the beauty of the wood any favors. I'll have to try getting a better photo soon. But let me tell you, it spins wonderfully. 

And I still love my Ashford, but there was a huge factor in getting a miniSpinner. Last month during Tour de Fleece, I was spinning more than I normally do and every evening as well and unfortunately it was really hard on my knees. Which really didn't surprise me. Now I have spun every night before for a month or two, but I generally keep it to about 15-20 minutes for most nights and maybe an hour once or twice a week to avoid knee pain. So what's a spinner to do other than investigate and research the options in electric spinners? Lots of research later I kept coming back to the HansenCrafts miniSpinner and boy am I glad I went with it!

Spinner and all my extras and yes, there is a cigarette lighter adapter.
I thought about going with just the basic maple or cherry spinner, but I took one look at the exotic woods and I couldn't resist the Tigerwood spinner. So after working with the amazing customer service at HansenCrafts (seriously, I had an email answered in under an hour!) the little spinner is now mine!

And the carry bag it came with
Now when I travel I'm not going to have my wheel taking up most of the back seat. But I am still keeping it for the times I can spin on it.

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