Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Just keep spinning...

I've been spinning away for the past few months and have managed to turn this:

Into this!

Though I did have to switch out the neon pink/blue/purple because the cat decided that it would be more useful as a bed. In the end I spun up slightly more than 20 ounces and came out with 2,022 yards of yarn. This was a fun project because there are four different yarn structures: 2-ply (the green/purple thick and thin yarn), a 3-ply (the green), a 4-ply (pastels gone wrong at the top) and last, a cabled yarn (the blue).  I'm planning another cabled yarn soon because it was a very fun spin. but right now I'm working on a chain ply from this lovely fiber containing merino, bamboo, angelina, nylon, tussah silk and recycled sari silk. It's going to be a nicely textured, somewhat thick and thin finished yarn. I'm in the teal section right

Photo from Loop purchase on Etsy

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