Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Stash Explosion!

Yes, I did go to Yarn School and the dye lab extension again. And yes, I did manage to bring back more than I did last year. A bit over 8 pounds... It didn't all fit in my bags so I did have to ship some of it home. And that was with using space bags to squish it down! I did get some yarn along with my fiber this year which I'm really excited about. I also traveled with my miniSpinner and it was so easy and I managed to spin in both airports.
Most of the new stash
This year we were asked to bring some magazine pictures with us to try some color matching and I only realized the night before I left- I don't have magazines. Or rather I do, but they are all cooking magazines and none of the colors seems to pop out to me. So I grabbed the National Geographic photo issue while I was in the airport and I found a few photos to use. One being a picture of an iceberg with the setting sun reflecting off of it. And I love the way the fiber came out.

Two others that I think came out pretty well were my 20 minute attempt at a gradient and my crock pot fall leaves. Though there are a few places in the leaves that look a little more like bruised bananas, I'm hoping that goes away when I spin it.

Over all, Yarn School was just as amazing as it was last year and I'm looking forward to going again in the future!

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