Monday, January 13, 2014

New beginnings

I've been in my new apartment for three nights now and I'm loving it! Tangie is loving all the space too. She spends a lot of time running around and sniffing everything. I said I'd share photos so here they are. It's a bit messy with all the boxes and such, but it's getting there. I've gotten 5 boxes unpacked since I took the photos about an hour ago.

Living room. The blinds at the end lead out to a balcony.
And yes, the miniSpinner is already unpacked and was used last night. I finished up the singles from the in progress spin I showed recently and now am letting it rest before plying it.

 So in the kitchen there is a pantry, or at least there was until the apartments put washers and dryers in the apartments. My guess is that a lot of people use the cabinets in the kitchen for food stuff, but being on the sort side some of the cabinets aren't very practical for me. Enter Ikea units. The white shelves in the craft room sit right next to the kitchen and will be a great makeshift pantry.

They say it's a dining room, I say it's a craft room.

Bedroom, though I think you could have guessed that.
And holy cow, my bedroom is huge! I've got my bed, two bedside tables, a big blue chair, a cat palace on the other side of the bed, a sewing table, two Elfa draw units and a dresser and there is still loads of empty space. But then, I guess just about anything would seem huge after a studio apartment.

There is also obviously a bathroom, but you don't really need to see that. And I've still got a huge walk in closet.

Once everything is organized, the curtain rods have been hung and I've settled in I'll post about the finished project.

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