Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Living in a household with one diabetic, two vegetarians, one meat-lover, two fish eaters, one dairy free, one celiac and a variety of other fun food restrictions between three of us makes finding meals we can all enjoy interesting at times. Now, I am not a full blown celiac, but I have an intolerance to it which means avoiding it if I can. Neither my dad or I enjoy the gluten free bread as it crumbles very easily, nice when you need bread crumbs, but not for a sandwich. For me it is also a texture thing, it sounds silly, but I can't stand the texture of it and won't eat it. Same goes for some of the gluten free sweets. 

However a family friend who is also gluten free recently brought us a Snickerdoodle cookie mix from the Silly Yak Bakery in Wisconsin. And it made by far the best cookies gluten free or otherwise I have ever had. Seriously, I have never had any cookies this good. The mix made 2 dozen cookies about 2-3 inches across. When I was mixing the dough I was a bit worried because the it go so thick that I had to forgo the hand mixer because it wasn't doing much and use a spoonula to mix the last bit. After rolling them in the cinnamon sugar mix I popped them in the over for about 15 minutes. And I say about because I forgot to set the timer after I had them in for 12 minutes and was in the middle of eating breakfast when I remembered them again with the 'oh no!' moment. The resulting cookies were amazingly light and fluffy and they weren't attempting to crumble while you held them. 

Here is the link to the online store if anyone is interested: I haven't tried any of their other products, but hope to when I have a chance (and can talk my parents into buying!).

Finally, I think I found the camera that I want and that won't break the bank unlike the digital slr cameras that I was drooling over, it's a Polaroid T1235. Hope to get it soon and show off the things I've been working on. (Edit: I went ahead and bought the camera and not the waiting begins. Oh, and my Cuttlebug is supposed to get in tomorrow so when I get the camera be prepared for a picture overload!)

Peace, love and chocolate cake!

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