Monday, August 16, 2010

Just a little set back

Ok, so it is a little bit more than a little set back. My camera decided that life as a not so nice camera was not the life it wanted to live and no amount of begging could make it work. Dead as a door nail...So no pictures until I get a new camera. Fingers crossed that it will be sometime soon.

I got the Spring Ruffle top done in the pink/blue floral and it looks cute, though the material is a bit stiffer than I wanted it is still going to be put into rotation in my closet. I also decided against the sleeve ruffles as I already look like a high schooler and ruffles just make me look even younger. A nice way to put it, I was cast as a five year old in a play this past year and from what everyone told me, on the stage we were working on it was very convincing. Great I look like a five year old from a distance. Since the top was one that I love, I decided to start on in the Anna Maria Horner print I have and aside from wanting a little bit of trim for it it is done! I also left this one without the ruffles and pocket, but may add a pocket later if I can find some trim for the top of it.

My brother took me to lunch on Sunday and now has more blackmail ammo also. I managed to somehow twist my ankle on a flat surface and messed it and my knee up from the way I landed. And I had done so well this past year not twisting either ankle even with 7+ hours of ballet and 3+ hours of stage movement a week, the uninjured streak has ended. *sigh*

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