Saturday, August 14, 2010

First thoughts...

So I decided to give blogging a try mostly just to try documenting my different sewing projects or ideas. In all honesty, I'm just hoping this makes me remember to take more photographs of things that I sell or gifts that I've made since it never really seems to happen. Also hoping that my little blog will give me the push to finish all those projects that are sitting half finished in a box and to get new ones done in a timely manner.

A little about me to kick things off. I'm a recent college graduate with a degree in theatre and a focus on costume construction who is looking for a job and at this point any job that will keep me entertained be it working with costumes and sewing or working with special needs children. It seems to be a rather crummy time to be job hunting. In the mean time I get more time with my sewing machine for alterations and other such jobs, more time for my projects and also the odd babysitting jobs or working conventions at the convention center. And to be honest, if I could make a living working conventions I think I would because mostly it is being a hall monitor which involves a lot of sitting around doing whatever the heck I want in the back of the hall making sure things go OK, and it pays pretty dang well. Last convention I managed to finish a book and being working on some silk ribbon embroidery (and quite possibly taking a small nap, in my defense the lights were very, very dim and it was very, very early).

I'm also going to mention two projects that I'm currently working on. The first using Anna Maria Horner's Little Folks collection, the Pastry Line Water viole is going to be a shirred top which (unless the upcoming convention wants us in the 'dress code') I plan on wearing for work in a few weeks. I originally bought 4 yards to make a summer dress, but after rediscovering my elastic thread, decided a cute top would be not as overwhelming. The second project will be the Spring Ruffle Top from the Sew, Mama, Sew! blog in a small blue and pink floral cotton print. I prewashed both fabrics this morning and just have to iron them tomorrow morning and I should have two tops by tomorrow night. You know, unless the world ends or my cat decides that the sewing machine belongs to her again which puts a slight damper on the sewing front. Fingers crossed that nothing goes wrong!

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