Thursday, August 19, 2010

My baby

or Tangelo when she's in trouble

Tangie is a rescue from the humane society and is the purr-fect match for me. Sorry, I had to do it even if it is really cheesy. I adopted her in October and hove only been away from her overnight about 12 times and let me tell you, I missed her like crazy.

You can see the family dog in the upper left corner...
Tangie hates her but has since figured out that Rita (dog) is terrified of her and torments her every time Rita is inside.

Within the first week of having her I new that I could never have picked a better cat. Sadly (luckily for me), before I got her she had been abandoned/returned to a shelter 3 times. She was found on the streets a few counties away from mine with a littler of kittens and from what the vet at the time could tell she was not even a year old! After being in a foster home with her kittens for a while Tangie was put in the shelter for adoption and she was snatched up quickly. However not long after she was found wondering the streets where I live and when the information on her chip was read they were unable to get in contact with the previous owners. So she was put up for adoption at my local shelter where once again she was adopted quickly and then just as quickly returned, no reason given. Upon her return to the shelter she ended up with a respiratory infection and had to be put into isolation. Mind you this all occurred in under 6 months, the poor baby. 

I was getting ready to head back to school the next day when I was able to get to the shelter. The first few cats they suggested for what I (my mom) said that I wanted weren't exactly what I wanted and I went to talk to one of the staff members who suggested a cat who had been cleared for adoption literally the day before I came in. After he brought Tangelo into the visiting room (or whatever they want to call it) she walked right up to me, gave me a nose kiss and curled up in my lap purring. When I left to go get my mom Tangie stood on her back legs on the bench and looked out the window just watching me. When I got back to the room she immediately curled up in my lap purring again and that sealed the deal and she got to go home with me (after the paper work and all that fun stuff). Now she enjoys hanging out on our screened in porch, cuddling whenever she can, sitting where she shouldn't, eating both her and Rita's food if she can when Rita is inside, attacking the cat nip mice and getting underfoot quite often.

Me and a very grumpy cat

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