Monday, November 14, 2011

Goodies! And the master plan for the goodies

As a treat to myself for completing the 3 Day I got myself a box full of goodies. Now what goodies are in the box you may be asking. And what are you planning to do with whatever is hiding in the box? Never fear all shall be revealed!

Have you seen the felted rugs that look like rocks? Like this one from VivaTerra

I absolutely love it, but there is no way that I can afford it. The 3' by 5' one is almost $500! As I said I love it and it would make an awesome little rug for in my kitchen area or even in the bathroom, but not as a bath mat. So why not make my own? And while I'm at it I would love for it to have a more organic shape to it. Which as I kept searching I came along some by Ronel Jordaan. You can see them by looking under the products link and then the floor link. It appear to have the more organic feel that I'm wanting! And all of this leads me to the box. And the giggles I got from opening it.

Still all squished in the box, but not for long...

And yep, I've already started this project. It is going to be a more tedious project, but I am determined to finish it. The bases of the stones are made from wool yarn from my stash wrapped in layers of wool roving from The Sheep Shed Studio. The mix I got was the black tones mill ends and I blended some of the mill ends using Tangie's cat brush to get varied shades of blacks/greys/off whites. And if anyone is ever thinking of doing something similar, you can felt the balls in the washing machine! Which is what I am planning for a majority of the rest of my felt rocks. A few of them I will hand to get the shape that I want, but doing it that way takes some time.

After taking it out of the bags it took up a good portion of the bed.
And the assortment of dyesoppers to do an easy kid friendly project with
Some of the mill ends might end up as dye experiment projects, but that will be a story for another day.

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