Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Fun, fun, fun

So I'm going to guess that at least a few you you have heard of Sampler Village. What do you mean you haven't heard of it? Go check it out now...I can wait. And while you are over there and decide you want a box, they are going fast as in there are only 9 left when I checked a while ago.

Ok, are you back yet? I hope so because I'm going to continue on while you wonder why you haven't heard of this funness before. And yes, funness is totally a word. Anyway, today I got my Autumn Celebration sampler box of goodies in the mail. Upon opening the box there were two things in the box: a tissue wrapped something and another box (please insert cheesy dun dun DUNNNN music here).

And it has tulle which is destined for more bow making and more Em Bear modeling
Inside the teal tissue paper was the edible portion of the goodies including Coe's Homemade Style Noodles, a black raspberry lollie, harvest spice sugar cookies, an old-fashioned chocolate chip cookie and a mint. I'm trying to be good and not eat all the sugary goodies at once, but I won't deny that the temptation is there.

And the non-edible goodies in the box I had to divide into two so you could see better. Some of the items smell so good that it is imaginable that they could be edible. I mean, I guess you could eat them, but I don't think it would end very well. And I take no responsibility for it if you try. One of the soaps, Peppermint Tea Soap, was a thank you from Traci who started and runs Sampler Village.

The bath goodies: soaps, lip balm, lotion, soy tarts, soy candles
Other goodies including the tea that was in the box :cupcake toppers, hair flower, paper embelishments
Em Bear was going to come out and model the hair flower since my hair is kinda icky right now since I just went on a 3 mile walk before i got my package, but he went into hiding.

I will say that opening it around Tangie was rather interesting because as you know cats will sniff just about everything and then get persnickety when it is too strong. Then you get the 'you are mean' glare while they slink off to sulk. And I will admit that it can be a bit overwhelming for those of us with sensitive noses after a while. I'm going to sort things out later by scent so it isn't a mishmash of scents combined.

I also can't wait for the Nov/Dec Holiday Hoopla boxes to be out (Dec 1st)!

Links to the Sample Stores in my box (23!!!) (in no particular order) I also haven't tried every sample yet, but when I do I'll let you know:
Groovy Spookieville (Ella Dean was this month's mayor)
e.e. cookies (Temptation was too much. That was one really good cookie!)
Kittycrossbones (not open at the moment due to moving, but open again soon)

On a side note, Jennifer Grey wasn't eliminated last night on Dancing with the Stars! I was really excited about that. Though I still think that the bum slapping on Brandy and partner's part was no necessary and was rather vulgar.


  1. How have I not heard about this?? Very cool.

  2. I've not heard of this either but I'll be checking it out.