Saturday, October 23, 2010

New crafty addiction

Because one can never have enough crafty addictions right? And an excuse for more pretties (technical therm that is) in the form of ribbon? Sign me and well, just give me the ribbon and let me play with it.

Anywho, I recently stumbled upon The Ribbon Retreat and holy crow I am in love. Since freshman year of high school I have constantly, er save the first two years of college, been doing activities that require having my hair up and there are only so many very quick hair styles that I have come to use. Anyway the way I did my hair also needed to be possible for me to do while I was half asleep at 5:45 in the morning. I don't function in the morning very well and by that I mean I am a zombie, like the very slow moving mindless zombie. Pony tails and buns were the got to styles, but they get really boring very quickly and fun hair ribbons always seem to cost an arm and a leg. Had I found The Ribbon Retreat earlier that would have been amazing, but as it is I have lots to catch up on and try out.

So I got the Tricks of the Trade instruction which included the bow maker and some ribbon mixes. More specifically the Sky's the Limit and the Carribean (their spelling not mine) Smoothie mixes. I love the colors in both and the convenience of having already matched ribbon mixes and I foresee many more will be purchased in the future along with a ridiculous amount of ribbon to play with. Here are my first bows I made in the order I made them. And maybe it is just me, but when instructions (or people for that matter) tell me that I shouldn't attempt something for such and such reason I'm going to try it any way. And if you say I should do it this way to make it easier, well it kind of seems like a challenge to me.

Twisted Boutique Bow (the challenge)

Basic Boutique Bow

The 'I don't remember what it is called' bow

And all of them together

I have yet to finish the centers on the bows and I need to trim some of the ribbon ends and seal them.


  1. Oh I love them all! I wish I had a girl so I cold make hair bows for her lol. Oh yeah your package should be there Monday. Sorry it took so long lol. I have a delivery confirmation number if you want it too!!

  2. oh, cute bows! i have always had short hair, so bows and i never were friends.

    a bag of cat food! genius! i love can i manuever that? someone much more crafty would figure that out in no time. i wouldn't want to use a real bag, cuz she'd be uncomfortable and crinkling. oh well. what a great idea, tho!