Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Gearing up for Halloween

I love dressing up for Halloween or anything really. Give me any excuse no matter how ridiculous and I will dress up. Superhero day at the summer camp I worked at? Three of my friends and I dressed up as the Ninja Turtles. 80's day? Oh yeah, all over it.

And dressing up for a good cause is even better. My high school did a program called Shattered Dreams put on by TABC both in my sophomore year and my senior year. Both years I was able to participate on both days. Day 1 is the mock accident and day 2 is where at specific intervals (I want to say 15 minutes, but I don't think that's right) a recording of a heart beat was played over the PA system and a student was pulled from class as their name, the date and the time that they 'died' was read. Upon returning to class you were dressed completely in black, your face was painted white and you could no longer interact with anyone in class, including the teachers. You were sitting there in your desk just listening to the class (and the following day you would steal notes from a class mate). On both sides it is a rather startling reminder I thought.

A few days ago I found some pictures of the makeup from the senior year mock accident and I thought I would share. They aren't the best example of my work, but even now it gives me chills to look at them. I was the front seat passenger in the car opposite of the drunk driver and was wearing my seat belt. Even with the seat belt I smashed up against the dash board hitting my knee, head and arms. I'm still surprised that they were able to fit me back into the seat of the crashed car it looked like a tiny space.

Seat belt

Seat belt
Knee meet Mr. Dashboard. Excuse the scribbles, they were covered by my pants (capris? longish short? what is that length called?) And I have to say my use of liquid latex has only slightly improved from then, luckily it was all seen from a good distance away and covered with lots of fake blood.
I ended up having to trash the clothes I wore that day as they were drenched in fake blood. I wish I had a picture of the complete makeup job including the blood, clothes, etc. I added more bruises and some cuts to my arms and face and my lower legs. Sorry the pictures are blurry and the coloring is off. It really wasn't that yellow and it looked pretty dang real in the school photos. I was actually stopped by one of the hall monitors on the way in that morning so they could make sure I was ok.

I might have to pull out the makeup kit and figure out some way to use it this Halloween.

And just because it relates, please, please, PLEASE be responsible during Halloween. I know not everyone goes out and drinks, but some do, so please be careful. And if you are with someone who is drinking and wants to drive, don't let them. Steal their keys, they might be mad, but they will be thankful later. I know Shattered Dreams is geared towards underage drinking, but it goes beyond that in my opinion.

Gosh, I hadn't remembered how long I had the cover on my bed or that shirt. I need to get new bedding and clothes....

ETA: I just realized that somehow I flipped the seat belt pictures and I'm not quite sure how...That's my right shoulder you are looking at.


  1. Wow that is some awesome make up. I love things like that where they show things that could happen.

  2. Ok, that make-up looks amazing! Did you study photos of accident examples online? That Shattered Dreams things sounds a little creepy, but I guess it's a good representation of how quick your life can change...

  3. Great make-up job! I am now following you, could you follow me? Have a great weekend!