Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Spinning Wheel

I have the best brother in the world. Seriously, he spoils me rotten. So for graduation, after I had been looking at spinning wheels and found a gently used one on Craig's list I asked him if I could come stay with him as it was located inhis neck of the woods. He agreed and even drove me out to go get it. Now here is the awesome part, he bought it for me!

To give an idea of the size of the yarn
My second attempt at the wheel

I had spun prior to getting my wheel on a drop spindle for about two years on the same fiber, but it was so slow and I had heard great things about wheels. It truly is an addiction and makes me wish I had tons of free time to devote to spinning. Acquiring more fiber to spin is also an addiction, but it's all so pretty and squishy! And there are so many different fibers to try. After I finish this bobbin of green I really want to experiment with the EcoSpun that I have hanging about. I mean spinning with fibers made from recycled plastic soda bottles, who wouldn't want to try that?

A picture from when I had just started spinning with a mini ball of my first ever spun yarn

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