Monday, October 11, 2010


I know everyone has dealt with the annoyance of road construction and it isn't surprising at all. However in my neighborhood we have been dealing with it all summer in what we were told was the beginning of a year long project, but that wasn't exactly true. We got notices from the city today that everything so far has just been prep work for the year long oh so exciting construction project (can you hear the sarcasm?). The real work is also slated to start at 7 am on week days and run until around 6 pm and weekends are slated for 8 am to 5 pm. So much for ever sleeping in. The year is supposed to start in November.
Red circle is my house, red rectangle is the construction zone that is going to be closed for a year, green is an elementary school and the other rectangle is where they are planning on parking all the construction equipment.
Pretty much if you want to use your parking spots in front of your house you can never move your car or you will probably not have a place to park later. The street they are working on is also a major connection between two other major streets and the street on the other side is only wide enough for one car to drive down at a time due to parking. Add on being a school zone and at times our little dead end street is going to be impossible to get off of.


  1. I have to tell you that Blaze and I have been so sick I haven't been to the po yet but I haven't forgotten about you I promise.

  2. No problem I just hope that the two of you get better soon. Getting sick is no fun.