Sunday, February 6, 2011

New Storage

My desk was looking rather sad recently with my makeshift storage of which there are no pictures for very good reasons. Things were being stored in cardboard boxes and water bottles with the tops cut of. Really not a pretty sight. I have decided that my little craft area needed some help and went with a black/white/blue color theme. 

First off was marker storage. The inside bight still be brown cardboard, but the outside looks pretty and that's what really matters. And it is made from poptart boxes.

Next up was the colored pencils:
She was in my photo area and was rather annoyed that I needed the space until...

She figured out what they were and started trying to eat them. Thus ended pencil storage photo time
Yes, my cat is a pencil eater. At least when they are just laying around on the desk. When they are all together she leaves them alone except when I tempt her.

And a picture of the all storage including two boxes. I ran out of blue ribbon, but have more on the way.

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