Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Snow Part 2

So I have to admit I would love to be out playing in the snow that we got last night and that is still falling from the sky, but my big puffy jacket, my winter coat, do you want to take a wild guess where it is? In the trunk of my car that is oh so wonderfully frozen shut. I might have to go in through the back of the seat, but it was too cold to think about this morning after grabbing my movies from my car. I don't do cold very well. Even more fun was that I had to wait while water was boiled because all the gates for the backyard were frozen shut. Turns out one of the gates just had a small snow/ice drift that I couldn't push past.

I know that some of you have been getting even colder weather than where I am, but how on earth do you do it? We are supposed to hit 9 degrees and that is not , er, I was going to say not cool, but it kind of is....that is too dang cold! I'm also hoping that all this weather doesn't mess with my flight on Friday or I'm going to be mad. Anywho off to make some hot chocolate and watch some movies.


  1. my car was covered in ice this morning, and we had a 2 hour delay at work. my boyfriend jokes we are entering the next ice age. it kinda scares me!

  2. Where are you at? Unfortunately That sounds like a common occurring here in Utah and Idaho :( the worst is going to school in below zero weather with a wind chill on top!