Sunday, February 20, 2011

Crafty Goals for the Year

Yes sir, here are my crafty goals for the year. I may not accomplish everything on the list and things will be added, but I figure I'd give myself a starting point. It also might help me to remember projects that I might forget about otherwise. I'm slightly ADD when it comes to crafts and have quite a few half finished projects hanging around.

- Finish the 1000 cranes project
- Kindle cover
- Halloween bags and zipper bags from this post (yeah...they will get done, though there was some switching around as to what is going to who)
- The infamous Weekender bag by Amy Butler (have had the pattern and outer fabric for quite a while)
- Some clothes for me
- Cloth napkins
- A quilt for me
- Start planning a special project for my cousin's bat mitzvah gift (and get working on it)
- Holiday cards
- Some sort of small zipper pouch/wallet to take with me to ballet
- More hair bows

Do any of you keep a list of crafts you want to accomplish during the year/month/whatever or do you just craft as the inspiration hits you?

Jan 2007 Photo by my good friend Katie

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