Saturday, February 12, 2011

Returning home

I can't think of words that even begin to describe how much fun I had in Florida as it was amazing and fun and so much more! And more on that when I'm awake enough to write about it. But as I said, it was AMAZING!!!

I do have to say getting there was an adventure in itself. The weather here had me worried that the flight might not leave on Friday morning, but it was still scheduled to leave on time at 5 in the morning. No problems getting to the airport or getting boarded, but here is where the fun began. The plane needed to be de-iced, no biggie right? Wrong. We finally get up to be de-iced and the machine is out of fluid and the real kicker is that the underground pipes are frozen. So back to the gate. To wait and wait, and did I tell you we got to wait some? Anyway we are told we have 45 minutes until the update. Ok, I'll go to Starbucks and get some hot cocoa. It wasn't open. so I got some snacks and a magazine and headed back to the gate to wait expecting to still have 30+ minutes to wait. The gate agent is walking down the hallway asking if we have seen the pilots because we are going to board as soon as they are back at the gate. So we reboard and then get back in the de-ice line. Finally, between 3-4 hours after we should have taken off we are in the air!

Now I have a new project as well, once I am done nannying on Sunday, though I might sleep most of Monday (and maybe Tuesday, but I am going to ballet on Wednesday for sure). A cover for my Kindle.

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  1. oh my goodness, a 3-4 hour delay? ugh! although i am sure a kindle came in very handy! can't wait to hear more about your trip/time with your family!