Monday, March 28, 2011

35 Little Cranes

So I'm not at 1,000 by a long shot and I'm not even all that close to 100, but the little cranes are slowly multiplying. Yes, that is 35 cranes in the photo below and I can already say that I'm beginning to get a little sick of some of the colors, but I will push through and get them all done in a year. (I hope)


  1. That's quite a task you picked up! Can't imagine how long it'd take to make 1000 of them -_-

  2. Oops, I should have said, EACH tsuru took me about 7 min. give or take depending upon the day. Patti O.

  3. Apparently my first post didn't go through. Sorry. I just finished folding my 1000 gold cranes in preparation for my daughter's wedding in Aug. As I said in the above post, each took me about 7 min. My plan was to make 20 a day, so I took the origami paper with me every where and when I had a few min., I'd fold. In Japanese, it's called "sen ba tsuru" sen is 1000 tsuru is crane. My Japanese mother made them for both my sister's and my wedding. I think I will hang them from the ribs of a bamboo made umbrella (tearing off the cheap plastic covering) and the guests can take them home if they wish. I still have to string them up. Will put 1" pieces of white straw between each crane and dangle some beads from the bottom to weigh them down. Good luck in getting them done. You'll be dreaming about folding.