Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Kindle's New Home

It took a while, but here is my kindle cover. I couldn't find fabrics to compliment the zebra in my stash so I dug into my Moda Buttercup charm pack and used three of the squares, two pint and the white solid. The fabric for the rest of the outer is the same oatmeal colored linen that I used for my mom's kindle cover. The second time around the sewing went a lot quicker probably due to less mistakes though it wasn't entirely mistake free. Right before I started top stitching around the opening I noticed that I hadn't sew in the ribbons to close it. Noticing it then meant that I only had to do a tiny bit of seam ripping.

The cover is padded with some cotton batting, but not quilted. And the lining is some Anna Marie Horner blue and white voile print that I'm in love with and hiding away until I can find the pattern I bought if for originally.

Close up to show stitching detail


  1. wow. I love the stitching and the fabric print. very pretty cover.


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