Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shirred Shirt

A really old pillow case got a new life today. This poor silky pillowcase was from my grandparents' house when we cleaned it out almost three years ago. For some reason it was always my favorite and even though it was in not so good condition I snagged it and used it to the point it was starting to fall apart at the seams. And as always I forgot to take a before picture, hopefully one day I will remember, but if you know what a pillowcase looks like then you know how it started.

Six rows of shirring, one side seam, two little slits and some fun with the ruffler foot later, I have a fully functional, although slightly sheer tube top. I want to add straps, but ran out of fabric so I'll go digging for some lace later. And the shot of me wearing the garment which is abysmal at best (the photo, not the top). Somehow things always look frumpy and unflattering on me when I take my own photos. It is loose, but not as bad as the picture looks (probably didn't help that I had a shirt on under it). I'm planning on belting it around the waist when I wear it.

And of course there is a funky flash reflection.

Man I was so excited because I hadn't seen this done before, but then I googled and found Shirred pillowcase top. Now did I come up with it or had i seen this post forever ago? Meh.

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