Friday, March 18, 2011

Vintage Beauty

How I wish this would fit me. Well, also that it was in a style I would wear, but one little wish at a time. This was an (obviously) beginning of one of my grandmother's projects if I remember correctly. And it is gorgeous! 

The work put into this amazing. It is a layer of linen fabric (or at least that is what it feels like) and a layer of fine muslin machine basted together. If I ever get around to doing a burn test on some of the extra fabric fashion and I'm wrong, I'll fix that. The designs are a combination of lace motifs and thin cording machine stitched onto both layers. The cording also continues around the collar all the way to center back. There back zipper allowances are already folded and ironed and the hook and bar tack are at the very top. I have to admit I almost didn't see the bar tack at first because the thread matches the fabric so well.

I'm hoping to turn this into something wearable in the future, but I'm not going to do anything until I'm completely positive on what to do and have it be something that doesn't mess with the cording and lace too much. 

Please pardon the color change between the first two and second two photos. The first pictures of the bodice top and center front motifs didn't come out. The color is closer to the first two.

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