Friday, December 24, 2010

CSN Love

So as I mentioned before while trying to decide what to get, I won a gift certificate to CSN from The Cape on the Corner. Well, I finally figured out what to get and ordered it a while ago and it came today! So what did I get, you might be asking. Well, it fits in perfectly with below freezing weather we are getting in my neck of the woods right now. Though it won't do much against the, it won't be out in the rain anyway so that doesn't really matter. I got a ....BLANKET!!!!
And it came with a ribbon bow!
It is the Sherpini Throw in Willow which is a gorgeous color and the perfect size for curling up in front of the tv (or computer) and watching movies. It is also nice and warm and now I can curl up on my bed under it without having to unmake my bed for warmth.

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