Friday, December 10, 2010

I think I have enough soap to last until next year!

No I don't really, but it sure seems like it at the moment. So I said yesterday that I would share what I got in my sampler box from Sampler Village, so here you go! And remember, I got the lavishly sample box, so I'm sorry for the picture overload. I also haven't counted how many samples where in there this time so I'm going to count as I post.
The entire lot

Edibles part one (6)
Edibles past 2 (2)
 And here is why I say I have enough soap to last until next year. I got sixteen (16!) soap samples and some of them are like a full bar of soap! They all smell so good too...

15 of the soaps

Lots of goodies (8)
In the back of the picture is an item with a bear holding a star, guess what it is? Have you guessed yet? Come on. I'll give you a hint: it is a genius idea. Does that help? No? OK, I'll tell you. It is a set of four mini emory boards in a fold over matchbook holder and they pull off just like matches! This went straight into my bag after the picture.
Paper goodies(9)

Spot the missing soap! And bubble bath, foot soaks, lotion, a candle, scrubbie, and other goodies. The leaf in the back (sorry for the glare) is a pin, but I might switch it to a hair thing. (10)
 There are makeup samples and a perfume sample.
More goodies. And a missing edible, er drinkable, hot cocoa mix in the white box (8)
 OK, I'll admit it. I have a slight addiction to lip stuff.

And what could the bubble wrapped item in the sideways picture be?
 Fleur de Sel caramels! Which I have already broken into. I have no self control, but it was amazing and totally worth it!

And the grand total, if my math is right, is 63 samples! YAY! Though some of these will be going into holiday gifts so they aren't all for me.

The pants of doom are in the dryer right now, so you will get to see them soon, when they are clean.

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