Monday, December 13, 2010

Sunscreen, or the lack there of

So while I am freezing my toes off here (I don't do cold weather at all) I am dreaming of the wonderful hot and sunny days of the past summers. And then remembering the fact that I'm very bad about remembering sunscreen courtesy of a photo my friend has. I know it doesn't look all that bad, but wait for the close up.

Cropped to remove the silliness of the other two in the picture with me 

I had a white imprint of my necklace around my neck for a long time.

You see the pale strips of skin next to my tank top's straps? Yeah, that's my normal color. It was a running joke for a while that I was red, white and blue because I wore three of four blue tanks while I was still crispy. Mind you to get this red it only took me about somewhere between 30-45 minutes. Heck, I burn during the winter if I'm outside too long. And I radiated heat for a few weeks and had to go to the dermatologist for something else and boy was she shocked and also rather impressed.  Apparently, I am the only non red head that she knows who can turn that red in so little time. Sadly, I don't unburn as quick as I burn, 2 and a half years later I still have tan lines from that burn. Or rather, less pasty white colored lines.

Suddenly, I'm not wanting the warm weather as much, but I'm going to crank up the heat and enjoy the warmth. Just remember if you go anywhere or live anywhere crazy sunny this winter or heck even this coming summer, wear sunscreen cause everything hurts like the dickens when you forget. Trust me. And you can actually get kind of a purplish tint to your burn if it gets as bad as mine. And if you do happen to get one this bad, soak a hand towel in either milk or cooled fresh brewed tea or vinegar. Sounds crazy and you will probably smell a bit funny before you shower, but I went from purplish red to just lobster red after a few days of using tea and vinegar something like three times a day. Normally it takes a week and a half to two weeks to just turn lobster red from the purplish red. And amazingly enough I didn't blister or peel too badly.

I'm off for some hot cocoa and to snuggle under my comforter and watch a movie.

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