Monday, December 20, 2010

Season for Giving

I know that many of us are strapped for cash at the moment and might not have any to spare, but if you do please thing about donating to Run for the Rose. This organization is very near and dear to my heart and is something my family and I have participated in for the past 7 years. If anyone has seen ABC's TV series 'Houston Medical' the run is in honor of Dr Marnie Rose who was one of the doctors featured in the show. The Marnie Rose Foundation has raised over $1.5 million that have gone to research for the treatment of brain cancer and the development of new drugs being used in clinical trials. They are getting ready for the third phase of trials in one of the treatments!

Sadly, this year has come with the loss of two participants of the past years runs. Two families will have to celebrate their first holidays without their mother, their sister, their daughters, their wife, their friends. If you happen to have even a dollar to donate it would be greatly appreciated.

The 2011 run is scheduled for April 10th if anyone is in Houston and would like to participate. If you do let me know, I will be there with my volunteer shirt and probably a golf cart! I'm on the setting up and tearing down committee with the my fmaily, relatives and the Rose family. I'm also planning on taking my camera and will be posting the photos in April! And hey, if you are a motorcycle rider in Houston there is also Ridin' for the Rose, though they don't have the 2011 date up yet.

Watching the riders getting set to leave! I still want to find a rider who will let me tag along. (I'm off on the right with my parents)

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