Thursday, December 16, 2010

Pants of Doom

The pants of doom, or the butterfly pants, depending on who you ask. There are two stories behind these pants one on how they got their name and the other on their creation.
I had to enhance the color to show it correctly so other than the pants, everything looks a bit funny in color. Sorry!

Freshman year of college I had a roommate who was in love with the color pink and by that I mean the bright, radioactive pink color. And everything she owned was pink: bedding, storage, desk stuff, binders, heck, even her TV was pink. Now, I'm not a pink person to begin with, but after a year of that I really couldn't stand the bright color. And aside from small amounts of pink in fabric prints and pink ballet tights, I haven't worn the color since. I also swore at the time that if I ever wore anything bright pink that the apocalypse was sure to come and the earth was doomed. So....

Nicely washed out colors showing the front

What is a girl to do when she got out of rehearsal after midnight and had to be back at the theatre a 8 am the next morning and she has no clean warm pants? Well, she could do a load of laundry in the awful machines in the dorm which take 2-3 cycles through the dryer for anything to be dry or if she happens to have some ridiculous fleece laying around she could make a pair of pants quickly and then get lots of sleep. So I went for option two. In all honesty, I can't for the life of me figure out where I got this fleece because I sure as heck didn't buy it, but whatever. And 45 minutes after I got back to my dorm I was in bed asleep with a pair of pants ready for the next day instead of being up until around 3 doing laundry and hoping the dryer was going to play nice. The pants would have been 30 minutes-ish, but I made a mistake and had to seam rip. Great thing is these pants can be worn in 20-ish degree weather and your legs will be perfectly nice and toasty!

And even though they aren't the most flattering pants in the world they are comfy and that is all that really mattered. Plus I had a rehearsal skirt that went over them. And those are my pants of doom.

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