Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Working away

Unfortunately I have nothing to show you at the moment, but that doesn't mean I haven't been working away like a determined squirrel. I just can't post what I've been working on due to the rules of the contest that I entered the project in, but as soon as I can you guys will get to see it. So in light of most of my time being spent on that (and that I haven't uploaded a picture of my holiday baking yet since the cord is...somewhere...) I leave you with this:

Yes that is a crawfish/crayfish/crawdad whatever you would like to call it. And yes, it is holding the tip while marinating in butter.
Mind you the picture is from last year and interesting things seem to happen around finals time.

And in case I am not back before then-


Oh yeah, the fish pictures in the post showing my hair's length-not mine, they are the owner. They don't mind if I change them out, but I have nothing to replace them with at the moment, so fish it is. If only I had a Silhouette to make some fun decor with...a hint, hint to the family for a birthday gift. Is it an obvious enough hint?

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