Monday, January 3, 2011

Decorating, decorating, decorating

Take a wild guess what this post is about. I bet you will never be able to figure it out!

Oh, you guessed it? Huh. So as you know know this post is going to have something to do about decorating. As much as I love the fish art in my place, it's not me. So I need to girly the place up. Cue the curtains that I was planning on using for my regency dress. Those are being saved from destruction and are being used as the manufacturer intended. Now I will admit that it is only because I found where I had stored quite a bit of a heavier light weight linen. YAY! Natural fibers!

Ribbon is temporary

Now I couldn't just leave the curtains plain and white cause that would defeat the purpose of trying to girl up the place a bit. I want flowers! But there is no way I am going to buy fake flowers. Yes they are pretty, but I want to customize them. Well I have bright colored card stock, scissors, glue and a host of other items.

It is a bit brighter than the photo
How do you like the flower so far? I have three more cut out of the bright blue that I haven't edged in gold yet and I have some purple,green and pink that I think might look good with them. I'm also thinking about doing a bunch of red flowers for my dresser or to be interchangeable with the blue/purple/pink/green when I want a change of decor. Though if I want to make a LOT more, I might invest in the Tim Holtz Flower dies because cutting that many flowers could get slightly annoying. Or maybe I'll just make a stencil for myself.

Now how is she planning on decorating the curtains? It is a valid question. Am I going to scatter them all over the curtain? Nope, though I did think about it. Am I going to attach them along the bottom edge? No cause I'm pretty sure Tangie would try to eat them. I am either going to cluster some along the top where the curtain is shadily attached to cover that or I will add some to a tie for when I would like to let more light in. As shown by my quick sketch. What do you think?

The scribblies are where the flowers would go.

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  1. what a lovely idea, and the one you showed us looks amazing! i can't believe you did that! you are probably right, the cat would be very interested in them if they were all over the curtain. can't wait to see the end result!