Wednesday, January 19, 2011

An Old Book Gets New Life

The sad condition of the book, which looks better in the picture than in person
I have this poor old book that has seen better days. Like, has REALLY seen better days as the pages are falling out (and missing) and the cover is flaking off piece by piece. It is pretty much unsalvageable at this point and instead of tossing it or recycling it or whatever, I figured that it would make some fun decor for around my place. Well, I'm planning on turing what is still bound into an altered book/altered journal and using all the pages that are loose into fun decor. The first project I'm working on is a kusudama flower ball.

For the ball I need to fold 60 square sheets of paper, five per flower, to make all 12 flowers. Well, I have 7 pieces folded as of this moment, but am going to work on more while I watch really bad horror movies via netflix. Yeah, I will totally admit to that.

Sense and Sensibility Underthings Pattern
I also got my Sense and Sensibility Underthings pattern before I ran out the door this past weekend and managed to whip up a mock up of the short stays in a couple of hours completely by hand stitching. It fit rather well and I'm hoping to cut the fashion fabric in the next couple of days and get going on the project. Sadly, the paper cranes were left at my parents when I went home this weekend, so they are on partial hold until I make it back to snag them, but that won't be for at least a month because I leave to meet my little sister in 16 days!

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