Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Sneak Peek Part 2!

I finally ran to the store today to grab the things I need to finish up my project for Florida. 9 days! I'm getting a lot quicker at the four strand braid and finished the blue one in about an hour. 43 inches! That's more than I needed by 14 inches! Now I can make matching bows or something. All the ribbons are going to be braided except for the wide antique white grosgrain which is part of the waist band.

One thing that didn't make it into the photo is the new seam ripper that I desperately needed. I have been at a stand still the past few days due to my old seam ripper needing to be replaced. It was only, um, 20+ years old since I got it from my grandmother's craft stuff.

I was hoping to get a sketch of the project up today, but haven't done one yet. As soon as I get it done I will post it.

Also my second ballet class was today and it was no where near as painful as Monday's. YAY!

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