Friday, January 7, 2011

Decorating Part 2

I feel like there needs to be some cheesy music after that, like the dun dun DUNNNNNN kind of music. I hope you all get what I mean by that. And on a side note, the word cheesy looks really weird today.

So to the point of this post, I have some more flowers made and go figure at first I couldn't recreate how I did it so I ended up with a rose like flower. Then I kind of remembered after pulling out the flower I showed you before. The tally is now original flowers: 5 and rose flowers and buds: 5 (one of the rose buds is hiding out inside of the smallest original flower). And I still have two smaller flowers from the blue to play with.
Close up of the roses minus the bud that is hanging with the other flowers. The big rose still needs a bit of work because it doesn't want to stay in a more closed position.

I'm thinking that orange roses might also be in the crazy flower mix as well as some green roses which are all cut out. Heck I might just make a mix from the odds and ends of card stock I have hanging around. 

And because I haven't shown the trouble maker/my helper in bit
I really wanted to post this yesterday, but I was out all day at a commercial shoot which was awesome! I will definitely let you all know when it airs, but all I can say about it right now was it is funny how long it can take to make a bread wrapper/bag look camera ready.

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