Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I forgot...

So during my insomnia induced ponderings (more on those later) I realized that I never gave you guys an update with what happened during NaNoWriMo. Let's just said that I failed pretty miserably, though I will admit that I could have failed a lot worse than I did. I made it to around 20,000/50,000 before I got major writer's block and I started babysitting up a storm. Actually, I think saying I failed isn't really what I mean. It is more like I tried and I got pretty dang far. Maybe this just means that I'll get closer next year! I'm not giving up on what I started though, I'm going to push through and keep writing if only to give me something to do when I get bored/ADD/antsy/choose your own word.

Anywho, there is another post that is scheduled for later today that isn't craft related and I'm thinking that there might also be a run to the craft store so you might even get another one. Or I'll be mean and hold it off until Wednesday, though it looks like it will be a rather busy day. I have an interview with a temp agency here so I can start working with the city's convention center on the different conventions that come in while I continue job hunting. I have to say, if I could make convention work a full time job and make enough money working them, I would probably do it. There is quite a bit of free time during conventions depending on where you are stationed, but they tend to switch it all up every couple of conventions to make it fair. And sometimes the convention people give you really nice tips and feed you! OK, I'm going to attempt to go to sleep, but I will warn you there was some very interesting insomnia induced pondering aside from the one above that I might share some time. Some are crafty related, others are just random and others are about things I've seen that make me think.

Night! Or maybe I should say good morning at this point...

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