Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I might be going a bit overboard

Doodle Parts dies make me think of doodlebugs for some reason...
But I got a new set of dies for my little Cuttlebug, which I don't think I've show you all yet. Oops. The dies are swirls! It's the Spellbinder's Doodle Parts which are lots of fun. Sadly, I've pretty much run out of things to decorate and I still have tons of the paper cuts left over from a project I was working on. See?
The picture is deceiving. There are about 25-30 swirls in that little pouch. And there are something like 120-ish flowers.

That is a lot of swirls. I cut them all from small scraps of the main colors I was using or trying to incorporate. I've also started having storage problems for them because I haven't run to the store for any storage containers yet so Tangie keeps trying to eat them all. I've tried storing them on the shelf of the book case, but since my fur baby had figured out how to climb the bookcase I think I'm fighting a loosing battle. I also went a little overboard with cutting little flowers I was going to use on the same project, but didn't and so now those are floating around too. Maybe if I get bored enough I'll string them all up and find some place to decorate in my room. Though I'm quickly running out of spaces. Maybe I'll decorate downstairs. I also had some fun cutting lots of flowers out of theatre gel samples. I have three of the little sample books and have barely made a dent in the first one.

I also really want to get some more of the Spellbinder dies as they are awesome. They are a three in one die: cut, emboss and stencil! Isn't that awesome! Let me show you...
The blueish silver on the little swirl is from an ink pad.
And just so I'm not playing favorites with my dies I also have some Cuttlebug and Sizzix dies that have been used on many occasions. I had let both the Cuttlebug and dies at home with I first moved, but since I know that one of the littles that I babysit for LOVES puzzles and drawing I thought, why not have a day when we make our own puzzles? Sure they aren't exactly the sturdiest things in the world and are probably going to be lost/destroyed pretty quickly, but it give us a few hours of entertainment.

I also got around to going to the craft store yesterday and managed to snag some pretty neat stuff that was on sale. First off one of those hard plastic scrapbook paper storage boxes. And the really awesome thing is: IT IS CAT PROOF! Take that Tangie. She has started trying to eat my scrapbooking stuff so I had to find a cat proof solution and voila! All my pretty papers fit nicely in it as do my tape roller and corner punch. I do have to admit that the box is also slightly me proof.
1 12x12 paper pack, 3 4.5"x6.5" packs, corner punch, glue roller, random loose 12x12 sheets and all my dies fit in the box. Not everything was in it for the picture.

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