Saturday, January 1, 2011


Happy 2011! I hope everyone had a great night least night be it having gone out partying all night or crafting away until midnight or sleeping! I ended up going to my friend's party, dropping off the cupcakes, hanging out for about 30 minutes then heading to my place to chill and craft. I'd love to give you some awesome New Year picture, but I don't have any so here's a giraffe.

Picture by my friend Katie!

I'm also working away at one of my ongoing projects that I am determined as all getup to finish this year. I've been making paper cranes for as long as I can remember and I've always wanted to make 1000 cranes in one year and string them together. Now I've made well over a thousand over the past however many years, but either gave them away, they were all different sizes, or left them places. I found a pack of 500 sheet of origami paper and bought 4 so I could make the cranes and some modular flowers. Since this morning I have fifteen cranes to show.

Now 'haw is she going to string all of those and not have them take up a ton of space' you might be asking yourself. Well, I hope this gives you some idea on the size of these guys. I can fit 24 in a foot!

The paper is 1 5/8 inches square. I'm planning on hanging these in along the ceiling about my stairs where the nutcase can't reach them. Or maybe I'll give them away. I don't know.

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